Introducing BF

You’ve heard BF mentioned quite a few times, so today I thought I’d give him a formal introduction.

BF = Boyfriend

I live with the one, the only, the BF. BF is smart and cute and oh so sweet. He is my partner in crime. We love to go on adventures together and we encourage each other to try amazing (and sometimes scary!) things.

BF = Brewing Fanatic

About a year and a half ago, BF and I started home brewing beer. It started off slow, with a new batch every few months and a joint enthusiasm for the endeavor. I still enjoy brewing as an occasional hobby, but BF’s love has grown exponentially. He is now a bona-fide brewing fanatic, brewing nearly every weekend that he can and making a (hefty) investment in brewing equipment. I’ll share some home brew stories here at some point, including the financial costs and benefits of home brewing, and maybe we’ll even get BF to do an expert guest post sometime!

BF = Big Foot

BF is one tall man. Which is really nice because I am not a short lady myself. The downside is that a tall man needs a lot of space in the bed. And a lot of food. I’ll cover that in a later post.

BF = Budget Frowner-on-er

Yes, I just made that term up. BF is not the biggest fan of budgets or spreadsheets or money management in general. He likes to live below his means, and as long as he has a little left over to save at the end of the month he is happy. He does not share my obsessive worry about the future and therefore is not nearly as concerned as I am about saving today to pay for tomorrow. We balance each other out in this regard. BF is very supportive of my love of personal finance, as long as the beer budget doesn’t wind up on the cutting room floor.

The moral of the story

BF is the best. He’ll be appearing here frequently as we do basically everything together. So let’s give BF a warm welcome!

Any questions or guest post requests for BF?

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