Five Friday Favorites

This is the second edition of my Five Friday Favorites. You can read about this series and see the first edition here!

  1. Favorite personal finance article/post. I am so impressed that Mrs. Frugalwoods has managed to maintain her shopping ban even while pregnant! I also really loved this particular thought: “Identifying the tipping point where doing something ceases to be about its intended function (eating for fuel; buying clothes for warmth and decency) and starts to become about tertiary wants (flavor; a fun wardrobe) is a key aspect of this journey for me.” We so often get away from why we need something and think only of why we want something in the moment. For me, this is especially true for food and clothes. I like the idea of looking at these wants not only from the cost side but also from the emotional side: why am I eating this? Why am I buying that?
  1. Favorite non-personal finance article/post. I loved watching this before house tour on A Beautiful Mess. I love the way Elsie’s current house is decorated, so I am very excited to see what she does with the new one! Also, while the house is out of date, some of those details are amazing! I love the high ceilings and all the built ins.
  1. Favorite thing I did this week. Ahh so hard to pick one! I guess if I have to pick only one, I’d go with visiting Pointe du Hoc in Normandy. I’ve been longing to visit the D-Day sites for years and this one was my favorite stop of the day.

    The view from Pointe du Hoc, complete with barbed wire

    The view from Pointe du Hoc, complete with barbed wire

  1. Favorite recipe. I LOVE Indian food, especially chicken Tikka Masala. I haven’t had any since we’ve been in Europe so now I’m really jonesing. I’ve tried making it on my own a few times using store-bought sauces and it’s always been a failure. I want to try making it from scratch, and I’ve been eyeing this recipe. Doesn’t look too complicated, right?
  1. Favorite quote. In honor of the cold that BF suffered through and then generously gifted to me and the episodes of How I Met Your Mother that I have been binge watching on Netflix, I bring you this week’s quote.

    Source: Return of Kings

    Image source: Return of Kings

What are some of your favorite things from this week?

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5 thoughts on “Five Friday Favorites

  1. That’s so awesome you went to Normandy! Mr. FW was just talking about how much he’d like to visit. Hope it was a wonderful trip! Many thanks for including my post–I really appreciate it :).


  2. I love the idea of creating a list of favourites each week. For me, favourite recipe jumps out. My mum makes a delicious (and super simple) macaroni dish with beef, tomato, cheese and lots of veggies. She made it for us while we were over for supper and our 1 yr old loved it! It was her first time having it and she ate so much of it!


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