Frugal Fun: Crafting a Giant Letter G

Keep reading to see how I made this!

Keep reading to see how I made this!

While we were in Vienna a few weeks ago, we visited a monthly design market called the Wamp Market. The market was full of unique crafts and products, including lots of beautiful jewelry, clothing, and home décor items.

While wandering through the market, a giant metal letter “G” called out to BF (yes, now you know that his name begins with “G”). It looked something like this and was made of reclaimed metal from rickshaws. It would have been a cool souvenir and a nice addition to a bookcase, but at about €50 BF decided to pass.

DIY-ing it

Back in Paris, I was trolling the never ending BHV department store around the corner from our apartment in search of a birthday card for BF. Seriously, department stores in France put all other department stores to shame. But I digress.

On my way to the card section, I stumbled across the giant craft section, where I was pleasantly surprised to see a variety of giant letters! As it turns out, BHV carries an entire product line of cardboard letters, boxes, figures, etc., all designed to be used with a product called Decopatch. I’m pretty sure this is just a ploy to make more money off of the old decoupage technique, but call me a sucker because I totally bought into it.

I bought a giant letter G for €4.20 and the remaining supplies for €8.90, for a grand total of €13.10 (supplies consisted of paper, glue and a paint brush and there was a lot left over after I completed this project). They had a ton of figures to choose from and so many paper options. I’m already planning to use my supplies for a second project!

The blank letter "G" before I started adding the Decopatch paper

The blank letter “G” before I started adding the Decopatch paper

The process was incredibly simple. All you have to do is rip the paper into small pieces, put some glue on the surface you’re covering, place a piece of paper on top, cover the top of the paper with glue and repeat until the whole surface is covered. The whole process took me less than half an hour.

The finished product!

The finished product!

I gave this to BF as part of his birthday present last week and he loved it! And for €13 instead of €50, I’d call it a frugal birthday win!

If you want to try a similar project at home, I’ve noticed that Target sells large letters like the one I used, or you can pick up Decopatch supplies at Amazon. You can also use any tissue paper or decorative napkins to achieve a similar decoupage effect – no need for the name brand stuff!

What DIY projects have you tackled lately?

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14 thoughts on “Frugal Fun: Crafting a Giant Letter G

  1. Cool project! My wife made a giant D, V, and C for our wedding and was devastated recently when the cats knocked them off our shelf and broke them. It’s always interesting how far your money can go when you spend time crafting instead of buying a finished product.


    • Oh that sounds like a great wedding decoration! Totally agree that if you’re willing to put in a bit of time you can make your money go a lot further. Plus it is fun to make things!


  2. I love this idea! I always find all these different DIY crafts/starter kits at Michaels, but never have the courage to buy them. I don’t have a creative bone in me, so I always lose motivation to do DIY crafts.


  3. I love this! It turned out really great! I did something similar once. My coworkers and I were going to lunch one day years ago and passed a retail store that was shutting down. They had all these giant foam letters on the street from the sign they were taking down. Since they were just going to be thrown away, we each got to take a letter. I snagged an H and when I got home I painted it with some paint I already had at home. Totally free DIY!


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