Five Friday Favorites

Five Friday Favorites 8/27/15 |

Each Friday, I post my five favorite things from the week. I hope you enjoy this week’s Five Friday Favorites! Click here to see previous editions!

  1. Favorite personal finance article/post. I am always looking for clever ways to save money on groceries, so I loved this grocery tip roundup from Young Adult Money. I already practice many of these techniques (read all about my tips for smart grocery shopping here), but this article offered some great new ideas, like asking about discounts on ripe produce and shopping the closeout shelf. I also love that coupons don’t play a big role here. Coupons are just a bit too time consuming for my lifestyle, and when you pair that with the fact that they are often for processed foods, I don’t really bother with them. This article proves that there are easy ways to save on groceries without becoming an extreme couponer!
  1. Favorite non-personal finance article/post. This past weekend I discovered a new podcast called The Slow Home (I know, I know, it’s not technically a post or article, sorry not sorry). I listened to the episode featuring Cait from Blonde on a Budget and I loved it! I’m really looking forward to listening to more episodes and learning about de-stressing and simplifying my life.
  1. Favorite thing I did this week. BF had been away for a few weeks visiting family and now he is finally home! Yay!! Of course seeing him was my favorite thing this week, and I especially enjoyed cooking a special dinner for him so that we could celebrate his homecoming. It doesn’t hurt that we had a beautiful meal, complete with wine and beer, for a fraction of the price it would have cost to go to a restaurant. Home cooking for the win!
The Pioneer Woman's amazing braised short ribs |

Braised short ribs over goat cheese polenta with a side of asparagus. Mmmmmm

  1. Favorite recipe. So that recipe I cooked for BF? It was this AHHHmazing recipe from the Pioneer Woman for braised short ribs. We tried short ribs once before and they were decidedly mediocre, but I thought I’d give it another go. Although the recipe called for bone-in short ribs, my market only had boneless so I went with it. It turned out to be so delicious, and will definitely be appearing on our menu again in the future. I also made the Pioneer Woman’s polenta with goat cheese which was super simple and really flavorful.
  1. Favorite quote. I’m gonna get sappy here and go with a love themed quote in celebration of BF’s return. What can I say, I kinda like him. I also kinda like (or LOVE) the book Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. I especially love this quote about the intangible aspect of love. Sometimes it is so hard to say what it is about someone or something that moves you, but maybe not being able to understand the attraction makes it all the more meaningful.

Quote about love from Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close _

What are some of your favorite things from this week?


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11 thoughts on “Five Friday Favorites

  1. JSF is such a fabulous writer. That dinner looks amazing. I think if I could cook like that, I’d probably forgo restaurants all together 🙂 This was the first full week of teaching for this school year, and my classes are all great. Best part of my week for sure!


    • Aw the beginning of the school year is the best! That used to be my favorite thing of the year (not just the week!) but sadly (or kind of happily) I’m done with school so no more back to school fun for me.


  2. That dinner looks delicious! Glad you’re reunited and enjoying eachother’s company again. With school starting again, we’ve been trying to get back onto a schedule (which is always a tough transition), but I also am getting all ready for hot chocolate and pumpkin bread! FALL!!! Also, the Northern Lights were out last night, which are always my favorite! Happy Friday, Ali!


    • I am also super excited for fall to come and all the pumpkin deliciousness it will bring with it. I don’t know what it is, but adding pumpkin just makes everything better!

      Northern lights sounds amazing! I would love to see them sometime.


    • Haha yeah it wasn’t the perfect summer recipe, but I’m not very good with the grill just yet.

      Our AC has been our best friend this week. I don’t know what people did before it was invented!


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