Five Friday Favorites

Five Friday Favorites October 2, 2015 _

Each Friday, I post my five favorite things from the week. I hope you enjoy this week’s Five Friday Favorites! Click here to see previous editions!

  1. Favorite personal finance article/post. I recently started listening to Financially Blonde’s Martinis and your Money podcast, and so far I am really enjoying it. I especially like the monthly “happy hour” style episodes, when Shannon talks with three other financial bloggers about various topics. This month’s happy hour was focused on money mistakes, and I really loved hearing about how some of my favorite personal finance bloggers are just as imperfect as me! I’ll have to give it more thought, but off the top of my head I think that my biggest financial mistake to date is some of my past clothes spending. I have donated several items of clothing with tags still on over the years, and there is no worse feeling than knowing how much money you’ve wasted on things you never even used.
  1. Favorite non-personal finance article/post. I’m gonna stick with a podcast theme this week and share my favorite new non-PF podcast. Now that I’m commuting to my new job by train, instead of driving as I did for my old job, I have a LOT of time to listen to podcasts. I was super excited to learn that Shankar Vedantam, one of my favorite NPR reporters, started a new podcast called Hidden Brain, “a conversation about life’s unseen patterns.” I listened to the first episode this week and really enjoyed this mix of scientific and social reporting. The original song summarizing the whole episode at the end didn’t hurt either!
  1. Favorite thing I did this week. This week I was lucky enough to get to see an awesome new musical called Waitress at the American Reparatory Theater in Cambridge. I’m a sucker for any musical, but this one was particularly fantastic thanks to music by Sara Bareilles. I’ve been to several productions at A.R.T. in the past and they are consistently extremely well done. Two of the last shows I saw – Finding Neverland and Pippin – even went on to Broadway. And of course a major bonus is that A.R.T. tickets are substantially cheaper than their Broadway counterparts!   
The set of Waitress!

The set of Waitress!

  1. Favorite recipe. The enchilada obsession continues! This week, this quinoa enchilada bake caught my eye. I’m trying to cook more vegetarian meals and I’m really excited to give this one a try sometime soon. I’ll let you know how it turns out! (P.S. I’m super excited to have discovered Damn Delicious – so many amazing looking recipes!)
  1. Favorite quote. Create yourself. Easier said than done.

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. George Bernard Shaw _

What are some of your favorite things from this week?

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2 thoughts on “Five Friday Favorites

  1. I’m jealous you live so close to A.R.T. That show sounds awesome! I wish I had time to listen to podcasts. The truth is, we’re usually listening to some sort of kid music, story on tape, or kids radio show. When the kids aren’t around, I need some silence to recover! 🙂 We make a very basic quinoa burrito bowl that is basically cooked quinoa mixed with lime juice and cilantro and topped with a sauteed combination of black beans, onions, cumin, and chile powder and anything else you want: tomatoes, corn, avocados, lettuce, peppers, etc. It’s easy, it’s relatively cheap (vegetarian!) and everyone loves it because they can pick the toppings! Happy Friday!


    • That quinoa dish sounds great! I also love “make your own” type dinners where each person can pick their toppings. We do tacos that way a lot. Easy and delicious!


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