Life’s Simple Pleasures

Life's Simple Pleasures _

I wake up on a quiet Sunday morning with nowhere in particular to be. It’s a perfect, sunny day. The first hints of fall are in the air, and we’ve turned the air conditioning off and slept with the windows open for the first time in months. I laze around for a while, halfway between sleeping and waking. Finally, I’m up, but it’s still not time to get out of bed. I reach for my book and start reading, with the sunlight coming in, and the cool breeze drifting past me. Life is just about perfect.

From time to time, I am struck by the power of simple moments like this, when everything in life seems good and calm. There are a lot of things that money can buy, but moments of simple peace and happiness aren’t among them.

Today, I thought I’d help us all put things into perspective (myself included!) and remember some of the simple things in life that can bring the most joy.

My favorite simple pleasures

  1. Driving alone on open roads with the windows down, music blasting, and no one to judge your awful singing voice.
  1. Greeting the dog when you come home. Dogs are just always so darn happy to see you!
How could you not smile when this puppy face greets you when you get home?

How could you not smile when this puppy face greets you when you get home?

  1. Snuggling. Enough said.
  1. Reading a great book. Doing so outside is even better.
  1. Not having to set an alarm.
  1. Taking a walk with a friend and catching up on all the things.
You would take a lot of walks, too, if this was your view!

You would take a lot of walks, too, if this was your view!

  1. Finding a new recipe that you can’t wait to try.
  1. Cooking that new recipe and finding out that it is a keeper.
  1. Listening to the radio and getting SO excited when the song you love comes on. And then, when it ends, you change stations and the song is on another station! Double win!
  1. Seeing puppies when you’re walking down the street. I can’t not smile when I see a puppy.
  1. Stepping on the scale and seeing numbers that aren’t quite as bad as you thought they might be.
  1. Finding out that the thing you’re about to buy is not only perfect but also on sale.
  1. Getting a parking spot right away at the grocery store. Same goes for finding a street parking spot when you thought you’d have to park in a garage and pay a ton to do so.
  1. Getting to the train station at the exact moment that your train arrives. No waiting!
  1. Opening your podcasts to find that a new episode of your favorite podcast is available (Limetown, I’m talking about you. Where are you, new episodes?!)
  1. Waiting in line next to an adorable baby who makes eyes at you and is playful and just makes you smile.
This face would brighten up my wait at the grocery store for sure!

My nephew, Felipe. This face would brighten up my wait at the grocery store for sure!

  1. Finding some shared history or connection with a new acquaintance and instantly becoming closer.
  1. Attending an event or a meeting and finding out that there is unexpected free food. Why does food always taste better when it’s free?

What are your favorite simple pleasures?

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4 thoughts on “Life’s Simple Pleasures

  1. My favorite moments are when all three of my kids are laughing together. Despite their age differences, sometimes they all get along perfectly and I can sit back and think “this is it. the perfect moment.” Also fresh brownies. 🙂


    • Mmm brownies are the best! I don’t have kids but I can see how all of your children behaving and getting along at the same time would be a real treat!!


  2. Rue says:

    I love lists like this. They’re always so universal but unique at the same time. Your nephew is adorable, and I 100% agree on the train catching.
    One of my favourite things (and one I’m dying for since I’ve been so busy) is when you’ve just cleaned your room after ages, washed your sheets, had an exhausting day and then get to go to bed in the warm fresh sheets. Best sleeps ever.


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