Five Friday Favorites

Five Friday Favorites 10.16.15 _

On Fridays, I post my five favorite things from the week. I hope you enjoy this week’s Five Friday Favorites! Click here to see previous editions!

  1. Favorite personal finance article/post. I’ve now been in my new job for over a month. How time flies! Overall I’m really enjoying it, but of course there is some adaptation required. One of the biggest changes I’ve had to adapt to is the commute. I went from driving to work to commuting by train, so the relative costs, both in terms of time and money, have been on my mind a lot. I really enjoyed Leigh’s post about the time and cost of commuting. My situation is a lot like Leigh’s in that I also own a condo and have a significant other who works near home. I like the relatively relaxed train commute, but I also like the time savings resulting from driving. What is a girl to do?! Leigh’s post has given me a lot of food for thought.
  1. Favorite non-personal finance article/post. This one is kind of cheating because it is semi-finance-related, but oh well. I really enjoyed this post from Kayla at Gen Y Girl about what to ask for when a raise is off the table. I have found myself in this position in the past, where my performance merits some recognition but a raise just isn’t possible. Kayla offers a lot of great alternatives for non-monetary bonuses, such as increased flexibility to work from home or work alternative hours, or additional training to help improve your skill set. It is so important to recognize that there are many ways to progress in a career, and many metrics against which to measure yourself besides just how much money you make.
  1. Favorite thing I did this week. Last weekend BF and I went on a date night. One of our little things is to go out for pizza whenever we go to the movies. This time, we ate at Flatbread Pizza and saw the Martian at a nearby theater. The pizza was heavenly, as was the beer-cocktail that accompanied it (beer + liquor sounds weird but can be very delicious!). The movie was very engaging. I love futuristic films that are very well thought out and realistic, as this one was. My only complaint is that it was a bit anxiety-producing for me, watching poor Matt Damon trapped on Mars for so long!
  1. Favorite recipe. What could be better than toasty warm cinnamon rolls for breakfast on a cold Sunday morning? Well, pumpkin cinnamon rolls with salted caramel icing of course! I am a fan of all things pumpkin this time of year, and I would love to try this recipe for a breakfast treat one weekend. Now I just have to convince BF that it is OK to have cinnamon rolls (which are basically cake) for breakfast….
  1. Favorite quote. If you haven’t read The Shadow of the Wind, go ahead and request it from the library now. Go ahead, I’ll wait. OK, you’re back? Well this quote is just a little teaser for the engaging, emotional journey that the book will take you on.

Quote from The Shadow of the Wind _ AnythingYouWantBlog.comWhat are some of your favorite things from this week?

P.S. I’m considering making this series a bi-weekly or monthly thing instead of weekly, so if you love or hate Five Friday Favorites, let me know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Five Friday Favorites

  1. Rue says:

    I love the Friday favourites! It’s a nice way for me to get a chance to find new blogs with your links, and I always like the quotes at the end.


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