FY 2016 Goal Update: January Progress

FY 2016 Goal Update January Progress _ AnythingYouWantBlog.com

Hello long lost blog friends! My apologies for the silence around here in the last few weeks (ok, months). I’m still trying to figure out what place this blog can have in my life, but I hope you’ll keep checking in as I figure that out!

I only have a  quick net worth goal update this month. Sadly, after last month’s huge net worth increase, this month saw an overall decrease. Despite my best efforts to save, the markets just were not on my side this month and all of my retirement investments went down.

Net worth goal January update_ AnythingYouWantBlog.com

On the bright side, I was able to continue to put money into my non-retirement investment account, so that account grew in value. I try to think of market downturns like this as a “sale” on all the investments I want to buy – I get the same thing but at a much lower price! And since my time horizon is long,  these investments should yield positive results eventually.

How did January pan out for you? Are you feeling the stress of the poor market performance?

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6 thoughts on “FY 2016 Goal Update: January Progress

  1. January was a good month, inasmuch as we ended it with a teeny bit more money than we started with. I thought our balance would go down by $300 or so.

    Unfortunately, I’m not so sure about this month. My paycheck is due soon, and then we’ll find out how all the numbers shake down. But I’m pretty sure we’re going to be a little short. I’ll be so happy to be done with the latest round of big expenses — and back to months with 22 workdays in them!


    • That is always a fun surprise to end the month with more money than expected! I’m also a big fan of months with more workdays – or better yet, three paychecks (I get paid bi-weekly, so this only happens twice a year, but its AWESOME!)!


  2. I think sometimes monthly net worth updates can be unfortunate because, like you pointed out, the market can take a downturn. I mean really can you imagine being 55 or 60 eight years ago when the market tanked?? Like…hundreds of thousands of dollars out the window. Each month would be excruciating to check your net worth. But the important thing for millennials and really anyone who is actively earning income is to just keep socking it away. I like your idea of stocks being “on sale” when the market drops.


    • I often think about how lucky I am that this volatility is happening during a time when I am putting money into the market, not trying to take it out. It would be SO frustrating to have to divest in a down market. Really highlights for me the importance of keeping an appropriately sized cash buffer so that you don’t find yourself having to divest in an unfavorable market.


  3. Nancy Madlin says:

    To me, checking the value of stocks is pretty much like checking my weight — do it too much, and it isn’t constructive. For me, it’s better to check my weight by gentler means, more in touch with my daily experience — how my clothes fit, how my more “curvy” areas look or feel, and then check this with the scale as often as I need to (after years of doing this, for me it’s twice a year at the doctor).

    I think it’s very important to find a way to do this with net worth and stock investments as well. So many people are afraid of stocks or stock funds because of this very point! They look at the supposed value and get freaked out, so they are afraid of an investment that is almost certainly the most solid way to build the wealth they need. It’s crucial to remember: THE PAPER VALUE IS ONLY THE VALUE IF YOU SELL TODAY.

    I value my investment STRATEGY and TACTICS by looking at:

    Am I saving and investing regularly?
    Am I making that as easy as possible for myself, supporting myself in that?
    Do my actions match my goals, according to my real resources (not some ideal)?
    Is my investment strategy on target with the suggestions of experts I respect (i.e. in terms of retirement date, cash now, etc.)

    I do this monthly and quarterly and leave it at that for investments. In terms of net worth, I can rest my mind on the fact that I have value in terms of things that don’t fluctuate as much….. And if you can’t find any comfort with this at all, you might want to consider lowering the amount you have in stocks. Even a bit might help you peace of mind.

    Is there a way you could evaluate your value that might serve you better?



    • Sounds like you have a very healthy attitude towards both your health and your investments! I think that after this fiscal year (end of June) I will re-evaluate my strategy for tracking my net worth. I am pretty good at separating out the emotion of “oh no – all my accounts went down!” from the reality of the situation, but it is still stressful to keep such close track of a volatile market.


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