About Anything You Want

Welcome to Anything You Want

Hi! I’m Ali, and I’m the main writer here at Anything You Want. You can read more about me here.

What is Anything You Want?

Anything You Want is a personal finance blog. Personal finance encompasses MANY topics, and here I plan to cover the following:

I hope to present these topics in a straightforward, simple way so that anyone can understand and apply them to their own life and become more comfortable with personal finance. I will share key terminology, techniques that work for me, and conduct analyses of common personal finance questions. If there is anything specific you’d like me to cover, let me know!

Why is personal finance SO important?

You may wonder why I want to devote a whole blog to the subject of personal finance. Until I became involved, as a reader, in the world of personal finance blogging, I didn’t pay much attention to personal finance either. I came to realize the importance of personal finance when I graduated from college and, eventually, moved out on my own. I saw that I had finite resources (money) and that I would need to be smart with my use of resources in order to achieve my goals. Personal finance is really as simple as that.

Why is it called Anything You Want?

Because you can have anything you want, but you can’t have everything you want.

Life is about tradeoffs. You chose to have dinner at one restaurant and therefore don’t have dinner at another. You chose to major in engineering and therefore don’t major in literature. These tradeoffs exist, and I would say constitute the backbone of, personal finance. Money is a finite resource, and everyone needs to make tradeoffs about how they spend their money.

The first step in getting your personal finances in order is to understand what you want and what you value. Then you simply need to spend your resources, both time and money, in a manner that is consistent with those values. Those values are personal; no two people will have the exact same values and no two people should have the same personal finance strategy. You can choose what you value, but unless you’re insanely wealthy you probably can’t chose to value everything, at least not equally.

When you understand personal finance as a way of supporting your values, it becomes more liberating and less oppressive. Saving money is about more than building up a big balance in your bank account; it is about working towards your dreams, whatever those may be.


While I am incredibly enthusiastic about personal finance, I am not a financial professional. All opinions expressed on this blog are solely my own and should be taken as such. Please consult a financial professional for advice.

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