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You may be wondering why I made this move. Well, being the good little personal finance-er that I am, I decided that paid hosting was no longer the best decision for this blog. I started off the blog in 2014 with big dreams, and this blog has fulfilled many of them. Unfortunately, one dream that hasn’t come true is generating money from the blog. I still enjoy writing occasionally (and, I’m sorry, I know that occasionally has become increasingly occasional), but I didn’t feel like continuing to invest in paid hosting was a good long-term decision. So I decided to migrate over to free hosting, where I can keep the blog alive and well for years to come, all for free!

So, welcome. I’m so glad to have you here!

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Apparently I’m A Smart Finance Blogger…

Hello blog friends! Long time no talk. Apologies for the radio silence, but life has gotten away from me and this blog has taken a back seat. I just wanted to pop by today to share some kind of cool news. I somehow wound up on Apartment Therapy in an article titled “The Budgeting Methods Smart Finance Bloggers Swear By.” I literally have no idea how this happened, but I’m pretty excited about it! Who knew I was a smart finance blogger!?! (Absent finance blogger seems a more appropriate title to me, but hey, I’ll take the positive press any day!!) Continue reading